Saturday, July 2, 2016

What Goes In, What Comes Out?

Have you ever noticed that when you burp, your burp tastes like whatever you have been eating? Like if you drink an excessive amount of coke, and then you burp, you will taste coke. Or, what happens when you eat a ton of mexican food?? I think you know. It never happens to me, but I've had friends who have told me about it. Or, if you've ever been sick, and thrown up, what comes out? Whatever you have been eating or drinking. I have a story about a bad burrito, but I'll spare you the details. What's the point? The point is, that whatever goes in, is going to be what comes out. Since this isn't a nutritional blog, we won't explore this area. The important thing to think about is this: What are you putting in? To yourself: spiritually, emotionally, what are you watching, reading, listening to, who are you spending time with? If we are honest with ourselves, we can answer these questions, and acknowledge that these areas affect what comes out of us. In other words, what we listen to, read, watch, who we spend time with, what or who we worship (religious or otherwise) affects how we talk, act, treat others, and spend our time. There is research that suggests that we are the composite of the five people that we spend the most time with. On some levels, we talk, dress, act, and even think like the people we spend the most time around, and probably not intentionally. I know it may sound lame or uncool, or "grown ups just don't understand" but if you are listening to music or watching movies that focus heavily on drugs, sex, or foul language, then those are the things that are going to be most prevalent on your mind. If your group of friends is constantly judging others, making fun of people, or complaining about their lot in life, then you will soon find yourself doing the same. It's just human nature. Whatever we put in, is going to eventually work its way out. Here is my encouragement: Give some thought to what you are putting in. Can you adjust what you are listening to when you workout? Is an edited version of a song going to push you any less than the X-rated version? Can you find people to spend time around that will pour into you positively? Can you find something to read that is encouraging and uplifting? Can you find people to follow on twitter or instagram that are going to build you up instead of add negative energy to your life? What are you putting in? Much Love, Bryan

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