Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dónde Está (Question #2)

If you remember from yesterday, we asked ourselves, “Who are you?”
The idea is that we need to know who we are before we can move positively towards the things that matter most to us.

This is not about chasing our dreams, or making a million dollars, or becoming the King of Spain. But it could be about that, if that’s what is important to you. And if it is, I’m pulling for you.

Primarily, or at least, initially, the first question is about recognizing who you are.

Nothing more and nothing less.

The next question is, “Where are you?”
And this is not about geographic location. This is about being honest with where you are right now in your life. Where is it that you find yourself during this particular season?

Some secondary questions/considerations that may help you fully answer,
“Where are you?”
  • How is your current stress level?
  • What is your current work/professional situation? And how does that align with your skill set/desires?
  • How is your family?
  • How are your other relationships?
  • How do you feel about your current place along your journey?
  • How/where are you spending your time?
This is certainly not an all encompassing list, just some nudges to stimulate some thinking, as this can sometimes be a challenging question to address.
In an effort to be fully transparent in my writing, I’ll share what I recently wrote down when I was asked the question in a workshop I attended.

Thankful for a wonderful family, a great place to live, and the Lord’s provision.

Growing but I feel like I need to be more of me, like maybe I’m leaving something on the table, capable of more personally and professionally.

Feel a little restless in my career.

Too busy for the quality time with my family that I want and need.

Lacking confidence in next steps.

About to take off.

I jotted down what was on top of mind, and didn’t try to do too much editing.
After we identify who we are (right now & at our roots), determining where we currently are along our journey is important. It’s easy to get off track from time to time, get turned around, or lose our way. That’s not a debilitating problem, as long as we have the wherewithal to recognize it, pause, and say, “Wait a minute, where am I?”

When we do that, it gives us an opportunity to take stock of the situation and recognize and appreciate it for what it currently is. Then, we can see how where we are right now matches with where we thought we were, or where we hoped we would be. Then, if needed, we can re-calibrate and continue along on our journey. 

When you don’t know where you are, it makes next steps particularly challenging.

I encourage you to take some time to stop and ask yourself this next important question. Again, honesty is crucial here. Don’t lie to yourself one way or another. Don’t bury yourself in lies or disappointment and don’t place your life on a pedestal so you will feel better about “where you are”.

Just acknowledge where you are, sit with it awhile, and then move forward from there.

Much Love,

Originally published at on May 18, 2017.

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