Thursday, March 16, 2017

I've Got Dreams To Remember

My man Otis.

I came across this song awhile back and really enjoy the opening in particular. And it got me thinking, that maybe sometimes we spend too much time remembering our dreams, and not enough time living them.

It's really important, I think, for us to remember our dreams. We should remember those things that we used to want to do, or those things that we dreamed about. We can talk about the things that we want to do, or the things that we might do.  We can talk about how amazing it would have been. 

Those can be good stories. They never happened, of course. So they can't be great stories. They are dreams we remember, but not dreams that we've lived.

There are some dreams that are so out there, they are so unlikely, that they are just fun to talk about.

I have a crazy dream of owning my own small, five table restaurant. Somehow, every table would be very private, the food would be incredible, and I would always have a table ready. It would be a place I'd constantly host friends and family for great food and fellowship. That's not a dream that I'm staying up at night thinking about. There's a pretty good chance that at the end of my life, I won't look back with great regret that I didn't ever have a restaurant to call my own.

But there are other dreams that do stir things up in my soul, and I believe other people have them to. Consistently, I interact with people who have dreams they are remembering but not living. I don't mean that as a judgmental statement, but I wonder how we get to that place, and how we can keep from getting there.

"I always wanted to...", "I used to want to..." "One day I'm going to..."

I don't know that I believe anybody can do anything. That may not sound very encouraging, but I think it's true. People have circumstances, and realities, and limitations that may prevent them from doing certain things.

Maybe I'm wrong. And maybe I'll change my mind later.

Perhaps the best way to say this is, "We can't all chase all of our dreams, all of the time" 

We all have "stuff" that gets in the way. But generally, I think, that "stuff" isn't going away. And if it does, it will just be replaced with more "stuff".

So despite the reality of our "stuff", I don't think we should blame it for us not chasing our dreams.

But chasing our dreams doesn't mean we dump everything and attack life with reckless abandon. But I do think we should all start doing more living of our dreams than remembering. I wonder where we would be if we didn't succumb to resistance so much? The resistance of our "stuff". What if we worked a little harder at the things that we said were so important to us? If we not only remembered our dreams, but moved on some of them.

Start by finding ways to prototype your dreams. Remember B-Fresh? It was short lived, but I gave it a shot, and now it's a great story. Inch by inch, one step at a time, and maybe one day you'll wake up and realize you really are living the dream. Who knows? We certainly never will if all we ever do is talk about it.

I hope you'll think about those things that you've always dreamed about. Are there things that are more than a fun story, that stir up something real inside of you? I hope you'll find a way to start moving away from just remembering and towards the living of your dreams, even if it's only a small step.

At the very least, it will make a great story.

Don't forget your dreams. But don't just remember them either.

Much Love,


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